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Mission Integration

Mission Integration

Sr. Mary Persico, IHM,
Executive Vice President, Mission Integration

Mission Integration works with CHE’s sponsoring religious communities to ensure the presence and continuance of their rights and responsibilities as public juridic persons. Mission Integration also participates in identifying potential CHE sponsors, providing education and orientation to System philosophy and mission. It provides leadership to ensure understanding and integration of System mission and values throughout all levels of all CHE organizations/affiliates. It is also responsible for providing leadership and direction to CHE Mission Services, Ethics and Global Health Ministry.


  • Ongoing development and understanding of the meaning of sponsorship in the 21st century
  • Ongoing development and accountability of CHE’s Public Juridic Person—Hope Ministries
  • Identification of and collaboration with potential new Sponsors
  • Effective processes of integration for new Sponsors and newly elected leaders of sponsoring congregations
  • Programs and processes that increase the understanding of and commitment to the meaning and implications of CHE’s Mission, Core Values, and Catholic identity
  • Provision of theological resources pertinent to Catholic identity, spirituality and Catholic health care ministry

Mission Services

Mission Services provides strategic leadership, direction and oversight to system initiatives in the functional areas of mission/core values awareness and integration, clinical pastoral education and pastoral/spiritual care.

CHE Ministry Formation Programs

All Catholic health care leaders need a comprehensive understanding and commitment to the tradition that grounds our ministry. Today’s leaders need enhanced competencies, and new leaders need to be prepared to fulfill the increasing responsibilities entrusted to them by the Sponsors and founders of our work.

In order to enhance the growth of these competencies, CHE, in collaboration with Bon Secours and Covenant Health Systems, has developed a comprehensive series of opportunities for ministry formation—a dynamic growth process involving the personal experience of participants, the Catholic tradition as it affects health care, and the demands of today’s health care environment

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