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You can download the following "Juniper Terminal Services Configuration Guide" document here

How to Configure a Remote Desktop Connection via Juniper

Juniper Terminal Services offers remote access to a user PC on the Catholic Health East (CHE) enterprise network from the internet or intranet.  The user must have written permission from their supervisor and comply with the CHE IT Remote Access Policy, in order to utilize this service.  The detailed documentation enclosed explains the configuration steps to perform “Remote Access “services for a PC within the CHE enterprise network.

1. Preparing for Juniper Terminal Services Configuration

            1.1 Prerequisites

·         Computer Name

·         Remote Desktop is enabled

·         That you are a configured Remote User   

·         Your Computer is left powered on when you leave work


            1.2 Gathering Prerequisite Information

Note: Administrative Rights are needed on the local computer to change the following. If you are unable to set any of the following, please contact the Helpdesk or request assistance from your local desktop support.

                    Computer Name: ________________________________________________


1.      Right click MyComputer and select properties.


2.   Select the Remote Tab to verify three of the prerequisites.


 On the Remote Tab you can verify the Computer Name, determine if Remote Desktop is enabled, and if your ONE Domain account is a configured remote desktop user.

3.       On the Remote Tab, look for the Computer Name. Which is located in  the Remote Desktop section under Full computer name. 

4.       On the Remote Tab verify if Remote Desktop is checked. If the check box in the Remote Desktop section is unchecked, then click the box to enable the Remote Desktop Option.


5.       Verify that you are a remote desktop user by clicking the Select Remote Users Button.  


6.       On the next screen you are looking to verify that you already have access. If this is not the case please contact the helpdesk.


7.       Once the previous steps have been completed, and it has been verified that you are configured as a Remote User and RDP has been enabled, and now that you have your Computer Name. The last step for the prerequisites is to leave your computer powered on, with your workstation locked, in order to access your  workstation from home.

2. Configuring Terminal Sessions

            2.1 Getting Started

From a trusted (CHE owned device) or un-trusted computer you will need to use a supported web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer 6.0 or above). Open your web browser and navigate to the following web page, and login with your domain credentials.


            2.2 Setup

                    After the logon navigate to the Terminal Sessions section of your home page.


1. To create a Terminal Session click on the add button located to the right in the Terminal Sessions section as seen below.

2.  To configure the Terminal connection. The options we will configure are:

a.        Session Type: Windows Terminal Services (Default Setting)

b.      Bookmark Name:

c.       Host: Your Computer Name typed here.

d.      Username: Type the following ONE\<username>

e.      Password: (Leave this field blank)

f.        Screen Size: Full Screen (Default)

g.       Color Depth: Change this option to 16bit or higher.

h.      If you need to print to a locally attached printer, verify this option is checked.

The following Screenshot is a sample configuration.  


When all options have been configured then Click the Add button. This will create the Bookmark on the home page.

3.       Now we are ready to connect to your work Computer. All that is left to do is click on the newly created bookmark in the Terminal Sessions section and log onto your workstation.  

3. Things to Remember

Know the name of your Computer and verify you are a configured Remote Desktop User. Also make sure the Computer you are attempting to connect to, was left powered on. If there are any questions, concerns, or problems please contact the CHE Helpdesk 610-492-3839.