Informed Consent

+ See Also Decision Making
Module 02 Educational Guide - Determination of Decisional Capacity (31K)
Educational tool for ethics committee
Module 02 Educational Guide-Informed Consent (42K)
Module 02 Presentation (950K)
Powerpoint for 5/2/06
Church Teaching
Directive 26 (23K)
Informed consent and emergencies
Keywords: Emergency
Directive 27 (23K)
Criteria for informed consent
Directive 28 (23K)
Informed consent and conscience formation
Directive 31 (24K)
Informed Consent for research or experimentation
Directive 50 (24K)
Conditions for permissible prenatal diagnostic testing
Directive 51 (24K)
Non-therapeutic v. therapeutic experimentation on living embryos and fetuses; parental consent
Drugmakers Prefer Silence On Test Data
Firms violate U.S. law by not registering trials, leading to concerns among patients and doctors that they are not being sufficiently informed. Washington Post
Module 02 Informed Consent in Surgery
US Barred From Forcing Troops to Get Anthrax Shots
Court finds it illegal to force experimental drugs on military. The washington Post
Keywords: Anthrax
What Information Should be Disclosed to Patients?
PP. 1-2, 7 - This valuable article looks past the criteria for disclosure per se, to analyze the information being disclosed. It focuses, as example, on relaying information about Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Keywords: CJD
Module 02 Understainding Informed Decision Making (32K)
Keywords: Cases
Module 02 Four Cases of Informed Consent (29K)
Keywords: Cases